Our Services 

  • General Design Consulting + Feasibility Studies
    • Offering assistance for general design concepts including site review and optimization, building placement and orientation. Providing size and shape optimization for energy efficiency and comfort.
  • HVAC Analysis + Design for Low-Load Buildings
    • HVAC design specifically for low load buildings utilizing the latest load calculating software. A systematic approach to design and consulting emphasizing building envelope performance.
  • Envelope Component Detailing + Specification
    • Design of wall assemblies to meet project requirements. Specifying and detailing envelope components for airtightness and thermal bridge free construction.
  • Passive House Design + Documentation
    • Providing all Passive House calculations required for certification. (Thermal bridge calculations separate)
  • Window and Door Specification + Detailing 
    • Window and door selection and detailing for energy, air tightness, comfort and shading.
  • Glazing Design + Consulting
    • Optimization of glazing position relative to building performance. Elevation tuning of glazing to meet energy efficiency requirements.
  • Mold + Dynamic Moisture Analysis (WUFI)
    • Surface and interstitial condensation and mold analysis for building wall assemblies and components.
  • 2D + 3D Heat Flow Calculations
    • Fine elements calculations for heat flow (PSI value) and comfort temperatures (Rsi value) within a wall assembly.
  • Energy + IAQ Modeling
    • Energy and indoor air quality optimization with lifecycle cost analysis, combined with heating and cooling load calculations.
  • On-site Training + Inspection
    • On-site training for contractors and subcontractors, emphasizing airtightness, insulation and thermal bridge schemes. Specific product installation training and inspection.
  • Site-specific Custom Climate Data

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