"Via Argentera" project approved by the Susa town council in Torino, Italia


"Via Argentera" | Susa, Torino, ItalyWe are pleased to announce that our "Via Argentera" project, located in Susa, Torino (northern Italy), has been approved by the town council and is now moving on to the next stage of construction permit approval.

This project is a demolition and rebuild of a multi-unit residential building located on a riverside piece of land in the town center of Susa. The south-facing building is comprised of four units with sufficient cross ventilation available in each unit to make air conditioning in summer unnecessary. It will be specified to the highest energy efficiency standards, with the goal of having it certified as a Casa Clima Class A building.

For pre-sales information, please refer to our client's website - Roverella SRL.

Mariana Pickering

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