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Emu offers training, services, and systems in advanced building science for mainstream construction. We specialize in construction systems design, building envelope expertise, Passive House consulting & training, air & moisture flow analysis, and advanced thermal calculations. 


Emu has been through many iterations over the years. Mariana Pickering and Enrico Bonilauri initially formed "Emu Architetti" (Emu Architects) back in 2009, in Enrico's hometown of Cavriago, Italy.  For seven years we practiced as an architecture studio focused mainly in sustainable residential design, with a few small commercial projects as well.

Our thirst for knowledge always kept us studying the best ways to improve the performance of the buildings we were designing. Around 2011 we became heavily invested in what we believe to be the most advanced construction standard in the world - the International Passive House standard. We decided to use this set of guidelines as our benchmark for all future work, and we pushed ourselves to delve into the science behind assembly and component design.

By 2015 our practice had shifted towards consulting services for our colleagues in the Passive House arena in Europe and around the world. We've presented at many conferences, written and published articles, studied products and climate data, and spent thousands of hours on construction sites. 


The frustrations we experienced as architects trying to implement advanced building science seemed mirrored in the experiences of our colleagues in other phases of the project cycle: inefficiencies in process; time lost to calculating and analyzing; lack of funds to cover experimental and innovative practices; reluctance to take on extra risk and liability.

All of these hurdles led to the unfortunate reality that each cutting-edge project became a prototype, leaving the project team to start over when designing the next project.  It seemed that the gap between proven performance data and mainstream construction practices was too wide to be bridged by the business-as-usual approach to construction. 

So we decided to try and change business-as-usual.

We believe that the construction industry is at a turning point that makes it more receptive than ever to the application of industrialization and standardization. Technological advancements in analyzing construction defects now allow project teams to tackle problems from the design phase, greatly reducing risk and liability. Standardization allows a level of quality assurance that has already greatly shifted many other industries. We believe the construction industry is headed down that path. 

As pre-fab solutions, off-site construction practices, manufactured and even 3D printed buildings become the new normal and the future of our industry, we want to make sure that these improvements are building upon the best building science available, not the industry average.

Emu is here to help construction industry professionals remove hurdles and achieve goals.

In 2016 we began relocating to Denver, Colorado, where we now offer training, services, and systems in advanced building science to our colleagues in mainstream construction. 

We believe that building comfortable, healthy, and efficient buildings should be THE way the world builds.  If you agree, get in touch with us. Let's change what "standard construction" really means.


Please contact us below or by emailing info@emu.systems

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We serve clients the world over. We speak multiple languages. It's only natural that you'd find us in more than one location. At the moment, we have team members in Italy, where Emu was born, and in the United States where Emu is writing the current chapter of its history.

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